Commission #1:  ‘Music of the Spheres’ ~ Navigation

There has been a long tradition of scouting in the town ever since the formation of Biggleswade Scout Group in 1909. To recognise the important contribution that the Scout Group had made to communities in Biggleswade over 100 years, in 2009 the King’s Reach outer ring road was named Baden-Powell Way; coinciding with the erection of the first homes in this new development. Principles of scouting as laid down by Baden-Powell have a strong emphasis on outdoor activities and exploration: according to the Guide to the Navigation Badge for Scout Leaders,

“Navigation and exploration are exciting and dynamic topics that can take Scouts out of their meeting place and into local communities – coming into contact with new environments via new experiences.”

We see potential here for navigation and exploration to provide a unifying theme across the development, assisting with orientation for visitors and new residents, who could be seen as explorers in new and unfamiliar territory. Biggleswade cub scout packs have been named after planets such as Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Mars. This has been adopted as a naming convention for some of the first roads within the Kings Reach development:

Neptune Road | Apollo Gardens | Saturn Way | Jupiter Way
Mercury Lane | Planets Way | Pluto Drive | Venus Avenue

This provides the further opportunity to draw inspiration from the use of the planets within celestial navigation, including concepts of space, time, discovery, exploration, connectivity, mapping, orbits, nodes, constellations and other schema used in navigation; as well as the ancient philosophical concept of the Music of the Spheres (or Musica universalis), that regards proportions in the movements of celestial bodies as a form of music. We would wish to see the involvement of the local scouting community as part of realising commissions.