David Appleyard graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with a BA (Hons) and MA in Industrial Design. Following this period of study he worked in the role of product designer and design researcher developing a variety of products including furniture and medical products.

Since 2004, he has been designing for the public realm. Through his studio practice David has created installations for landscapes, buildings, parks, other green spaces, schools and gardens. A guiding principle is to produce objects that enhance the spaces in which they are placed; as well as intriguing, amusing and inspiring the people who interact with them. David believes in creating works that encourage a measure of personal connection. He is fascinated by objects that are a part of everyday life, but which can be repackaged in a form that questions original function, and perhaps instead sparks new and unexpected connections.

Recent works include a variety of furniture, sculptural and other decorative features. Projects often develop via direct collaboration with clients, and, where possible, the public. It is a sensible approach, and one that often leads to a hightened sense of ownership amongst the immediate community.

Website: www.davidappleyard.co.uk